Since the beginning of the economic depression in 2008, coupon cutting has become very popular.   A great way to save your family money is by taking advantage of the great savings that couponing can offer. You will find coupons for food items, health and beauty products, baby items and so much more that will allow you to keep money in your pocket. You may also find coupons that allow you to get items for free or next to nothing.

You don't have to be a expert in order to save your family money. Whether you use only a couple of coupons per shopping trip or a large amount of them, the savings are going to be there. Every coupon used means money that you will be keeping.

Getting Coupons

There are many places that you can acquire the coupons that you want and need. You can clip them from the newspaper, magazines and even print them online from several sites that offer them.

You can also visit manufacturers websites and request to have some. Many manufacturers will mail you coupons when you comment on their products on their website.

Ask friends and family to give you the ones they come across if they aren't using them.

When you are in the store, watch for coupon tear pads which are savings books and simply tear off the amount of coupons you are going to use and present them at the check out register. Many stores will have coupons that you can download to your phone as well to help you save money.

There are also some services that sell coupons if you feel that the money you will save is more than you will spend purchasing.

Search for social media groups in your area that are related to shopping and saving money. Many people are willing to trade coupons they don't use for others that they will use.

Get Organized

Get your coupons organized

Keeping your coupons organized will help you to keep your shopping trips from becoming overwhelming. There is no right or wrong way to organize your coupons. You will need to use the method that you think will work best for you.

You may choose to use a binder or to keep your coupons in a file of some sort. Even placing your coupons by sections of the store into envelopes may be the method that you choose.

You may choose to file your coupons keeping those that expire first towards the front so that you can use them before they expire.

Read Store Policies

Make sure that you are up to date on the coupon policies of the stores that you plan to shop at and use your coupons. Each store has a different policy. Some stores will only allow a customer to use a certain amount of like coupons, some stores will double and some will even triple coupons. Some stores will price match another stores prices if you have the ad for the items that you want to price match. Knowing the details will help make your shopping trip more pleasant and yield you a bigger savings at the check out counter

Many stores will also off a rewards card that when scanned at the register will automatically take off money from the products you purchase. You will want to make certain that you have a card if the store offers one—it's like instant savings.

Do Your Homework

Before running to the grocery store and using your coupons make sure that you have looked at all of the sales papers in your area to get the best deals.

Make a list of which stores have particular items that will help you save the most money. Make sure you read each coupon that you have clipped in order to know the details of using the coupon as well.

Visit some couponing websites to see which stores are offering match ups for your coupons that can save you an even larger amount of money. Many couponing websites will actually do all of the work for you making it simple to use your coupons.

Create a shopping list of which consist of the items and sale prices and then organize your coupons accordingly. You may find that shopping for your needed items at more than one location will provide bigger savings to you and your family than shopping only at one location.

Pay Attention At Check Out

When you are checking out, pay close attention to the checker and the cash register. You will want to make sure that the prices are ringing up according to the sale that the store has offered. You will also want to make sure that the checker scans the coupons correctly and that no coupons are stuck together. Double check your receipt after your transaction is complete to make sure that everything is correct. If you find an error take your receipt to customer service in order to have it fixed immediately.

Watch for Myths

Be cautious of myths when using your coupons. It is a myth that the bigger quantities you purchase the more you save. You will find that on most occasions choosing to purchase the smaller amount of a product will save you more.

Also, the “10 items for $10” can be misleading, if you can actually only one item for $1. You don’ t have to buy all 10.

The early bird gets the worn is a fact when it comes to couponing. If there are many couponers in your area you may find that items you needed or wanted can be gone quickly if you're not there early to get them.

Don't purchase items that you are not going to use unless you plan to donate them. Purchasing items that you won't use, only because you have a coupon for them, is not going to help you save money. Consider trading the coupons that you don't use for others that you will from another couponer in your area.

Make sure you donate your coupons before they expire. You can donate them to the military for military families to be able to use instead of throwing them in the trash.


Follow this advice, and you'll be amazed at how much money you can save when shopping.